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Thursday, October 26, 2006

How Rich are You?

A post from KC One Campaign brough my attention to the Global Rich List. I was amazed at the result. I knew in my head that myself and many people living in the developed world (even having access to a computer to read this article) are among the very richest people in the world. This graphical representation of where I fall in income among the global population was sobering. Two organizations that I know of which are working to fight global poverty are The One Campaign and Oxfam.

One of the strategic objectives at Church of the Resurrection for 2007 is: "We will inspire, equip and deploy members of the church in ministry to the community and in witness for Jesus Christ. Develop a comprehensive approach to address the root causes of poverty within our community" (The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection 2007 Strategic Objectives). I am excited to see how this objective will take shape in the year to come. I am also seeking ways that I can become more aware and active in this area in my own life.