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Friday, October 27, 2006

Ready to Respond?

I had an interesting experience tonight that has made me think. This evening I had a wedding rehearsal and afterward I went out to eat with two of my cousins at a restaurant on the Plaza. I left immediately after the rehearsal and went straight to the restaurant. It wasn't until we sat down at the table did I realize that I still had my name tag on. I actually didn't recognize it, but had it pointed out to me when the following short conversation took place.

Hostess: "Oh, I see that you are a reverend."
Me: "Yeah, that's right. Does that mean that I get a discount?"

As I have reflected on it - this is a very poor response. This could have lead at least to identifying at what church I serve, perhaps an invitation to worship, or even a brief faith statement. This incident has made me think about how ready I am to talk about faith. I feel a need to be more ready to tell about my faith in all circumstances and times. There are different ways to be ready to tell about one's faith and the good news of Jesus Christ in different circumstances. I could have done better in this case.