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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hospital Visits

Tuesday is my assigned day for hospital visits. Each of the pastors of Congregational Care has a particular day to which we are assigned to visit people in the hospital, pray before surgery, etc. Today I had five visits in four different and traveled forty miles. This has been the busiest day for me thus far for hospital visits.

It is truly a blessing to be with people during this time. Being a representative of God and God's presence is a special blessing and responsibility. Being in a hospital brings an immediacy to events and circumstances. There is the history of the individual and then the next steps. Sometimes there is:

  • waiting for test results.
  • waiting for further treatment.
  • wondering what might be next.
  • preparing to go home.
  • preparing for death.
Each of these is important and has a place in our Christian life. The blessing of Advent is anticipating Christ's coming into our lives - in hospital or home.