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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Local and Global

Different communities of Christians may consider themselves to exist in several ways. One of the characterizations might be the following:

  • Individual faith communities are local incarnations of a global movement of disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • A global movement of disciples of Jesus Christ is made up of local faith communities.
I recognize that this is an over-simplification, but it does make me think about what it means to be the church. Denominations are another group which are partially addressed in both of these groups. It is important that local faith communities see themselves as a part of a global movement, and at the same time there is no global movement without individual communities of faith. I believe that both understandings are necessary.
What do you think...
  • Is a community of which you are a part consider its existence predominantly in one or the other of these groupings?
  • Is one of these characterizations more appropriate than the other?
  • How is a global movement lived out in a particular context?
  • How do local communities change and influence a global movement?