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Monday, November 13, 2006

Kansas Area Strategic Plans

I grew up in the Kansas West Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church and am currently serving in the Kansas City area which is a part of the Kansas East Annual Conference. Both of the conferences were challenged by our Bishop Scott Jones to undertake a vision process guided by the following strategic questions

  1. How can we strengthen our existing congregations?
  2. How can we start more and stronger new congregations?
  3. How can we better serve ethnic minority persons in Kansas?
  4. How can we strengthen student ministries?

Responses to these questions have taken shape in both the East and the West conferences. I am excited by the way that these questions have led to continued conversation about the mission of the church and the impact that the United Methodists can make in Kansas for God's Kingdom. I also think that these questions are applicable beyond United Methodism and beyond Kansas.

  • How are / might these questions shape your ministry?
  • What other questions would you ask with the purpose of making and forming disciples of Jesus Christ?