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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My Response to Embers of the Fire

In a previous post, Embers of the Fire, I posed several questions in regards to revitalization of churches. My responses are...
Do these reflections apply to your community of faith?
I believe that these reflections apply to my current community of faith. At this time, the local church of which I am a part is considering ways that the fruit of ministry that is being produced through the congregation can be spread to other churches so that the mainline church might be revitalized. The local church of which I am a part can be one small part of that revival - reigniting the fire.

Is your community of faith producing more heat than light?
I believe that, at this time, my community of faith is producing more light than heat - existing and living as an effective and active part of God's Kingdom on earth.

When a church is not in a period of growth, how can the energy that is present be harnessed for new growth?
Honoring the past and looking for the next faithful step. The next step for a local church will come from what it has been from the past and move it forward. (From Church Leadership class at Wesley Theological Seminary taught by Dr. Lovett Weems)

What is the best way to share momentum in making disciples with other communities of faith?
One of the most effective ways may be for individuals and leaders that are apart of a community that is actively living in and into God's Kingdom to go to other local churches or communities and to take some of the values and practices with them to share with others.

Is it more effective to start new churches or revitalize existing ones? Or both?
I think both are necessary for the making of disciples of Jesus Christ.